Best 15 Healing Crystals & Their Meanings

15 Healing Crystals & Their Meanings

Is there Hidden Power in Gemstones?

The idea of being cured by a lump of rock may sound crazy, but it is said that precious gems have been doing that since the dawn of time.

Does it work? The only evidence is from the people who believe it does.
However, scientific research has shown an amazing fact: that each type of crystal vibrates at a different frequency. For example, a digital watch works because of a small piece of quartz vibrating at a constant frequency, stimulated by energy from a battery.

Experts believe that our bodies can act like a battery. We can stimulate crystals in such a way that they can have a beneficial effect on our well-being. It is said that if we place crystals close to us, our bodies will tune in to the vibrational frequency and be energised and healed.

If you have a gas oven, you may use a special lighter wand to create a spark. This tool has a piece of quartz built into it, which releases energy (the spark) when used, without any need of a battery.

One of the simplest ways to benefit from crystal power is to wear one or carry one in your bag or pocket, and at night take it to bed with you. It is believed that each stone emits a certain energy which is beneficial – but only if the wearer is receptive to its energies.

Thought patterns create energy. Positive thought is amplified by using a quartz crystal combined with our own natural healing power. This can bring much relief to many conditions.

It is said to be more a case of the stones finding us than us finding them, so if you feel attracted to a particular stone then you will benefit far more if you use that stone.

Once found, your stone should be cleansed before use. This can be done by simply cleaning it with cool water and then allowing it to dry naturally in the open air.

You can either hold it in your hand or at the side of you; relax, take a moment, and imagine your body, your mind and your crystal all in perfect harmony. This can be more beneficial if done last thing at night and first thing in the morning for a period of at least 10 days.

You will then be in a position to answer the question ‘Is there hidden power in gemstones?’ for yourself.

The healing power of crystals….

A powerful healing stone. Can help those suffering from emotional problems by balancing physical and emotional need; its power to give strength and console such sufferers is well known.

Good for: liver, kidneys, bladder. Improves the sense of smell.

Healing qualities for the mind. Gives help with migraine and headaches. Excites the imagination. Helps release pent-up emotions; lifts spirits and dispels negative thoughts. Eases both emotional and sexual imbalances. Increases fertility.

Good for: spleen, kidneys and circulatory system. Coupled with Hematite, works wonders on aches and pains throughout the body.

Can give a sense of courage, and helps to discover truth. Instils calm and serenity. Gives self control whilst aiding detachment.

Good for: bone marrow, relief of stress.

Aptly dubbed the ‘sea of tranquillity’. Creates physical harmony of a gentle but persuasive kind. Calms the nerves. Indicates treasure, chastity, sensitivity and strength.

Good for: calcified joints, digestive system.

The ‘confidence stone’. Inspires brave but sensible behaviour; fights hypochondria and psychosomatic diseases.

Good for: liver, kidneys, bladder. Invigorates and energises.

‘The friendly one’ – a very highly-evolved healer. A good balancer, can connect with your inner self. Brings good concentration, joy, sociability and warmth.

Good for: rheumatism, depression, neuralgia. Helps regularise the menstrual cycle.

The Carnelian, when coupled with Amethyst, purifies the consciousness, reverses negative thoughts and develops higher mental awareness.

Good for: shaking off sluggishness and becoming vigorous and alert.

Stabilises through inspiring independence, well-being and health. Acts as a general tonic on the physical level. A stone to encourage a higher level of meditation. Favoured by Carl Fabergé, the Russian craftsman famous for Fabergé Eggs. A talisman, a bringer of good fortune.

Good for: skin conditions; losing anxiety and fears.

Improves memory; reduces stress. Gives confidence and self-esteem. Cheers the depressed, preserves youth and retards the ageing process. Helps to bring back the life force into the sick. Carries the power to the unobstructed love. A very special stone.

Good for: emotional trauma, mental breakdown; spleen, kidneys, heart and blood.

Calms and clears the mind, enhancing insight and communication with the higher self. Brings joy and relieves a heavy heart. When placed at the side of the bed, it can make a sad person wake up full of the joys of spring. Imparts youth and freshness to its wearer.

Good for: When combined with Rhodonite, can produce the ‘Elixir of Life’.

For all those it recognises, it is a powerful healer. Keeps energy well grounded, clears subconscious blocks and brings and insight and understanding of silence, detachment, wisdom and love. A lucky talisman, a bringer of good fortune. Favoured by ancient Mexican cultures to neutralise negative magic.

Good for: eyesight, stomach and intestines.

Improves the ego. A supercharger of energy; a stone of strength and courage. Aids concentration and helps to soothe all kinds of hostile feelings, allowing joy into your life. Inspires serenity.

Good for: stress; certain ear disorders.

Aids creative thinking. Relieves insomnia when placed under pillow. A very special and powerful aid to spiritual awareness and healing. Very helpful for meditation, inspiration, intuition and divine love. When worn with Carnelian it will calm the over active. A ‘love and romance’ stone.

Good for: blood pressure, fits, grief, insomnia.

A stone you either like or dislike. To those who like it, it can be a very optimistic inspirer of courage and magnetism. Lifts gloominess and depression. When used in conjunction with Carnelian it can prevent fatigue. This stone is particularly effective during pregnancy.

Good for: blood, spleen; generally strengthens the body.

This stone holds a place of unique importance in the world of gems. It enlarges the aura of everything near to it and acts as a catalyst to increase the healing powers of other minerals. Its vibrations resonate with a triple-time, waltz-like beat of life, giving it a co-ordinating role in all holistic practices. It is the stone most favoured for crystal gazing.

Good for: brain, soul; dispels negativity in your own energy field.

Gives inspiration and enhances the emotions. A good emotional balancer; a solid friend, inspiring wisdom. In India the Moonstone is a sacred gem, thought to be lucky if given by the groom to his bride.

Good for: period pain and kindred disorders, fertility and childbearing.