How To Make Psychic Protection Incense Recipes

4 Psychic Protection Incense Recipes

Incense Recipes….

The next four protection incense deal specifically with protection on a psychic level, while the two in a future post will deal with the effects of an unwanted spiritual visitation. They could be considered equally to belong to the categories of Banishing and Exorcism.

Psychic Protection Incense 1

1/2 part Elder

1 part Cinquefoil

1/2 part Bay Leaves

1/8 part Valerian

Psychic Protection Incense 2

1/4 part Broom

1/2 part Agrimony

1/2 part Basil

1/4 part Cranesbill

1 part Vetivert

1/2 part Oregano

Psychic Protection Incense 3

1/4 part Frankincense Resin

1/2 part Oregano

1/4 part Lovage

1/2 part Cloves

1/4 part Ginger Root (ground)

1/2 part Sandalwood

1/4 part Star Anise

Psychic Protection Incense 4

1/2 part Benzoin Resin

1/4 part Dragon’s Blood Resin

1/2 part Frankincense Resin

1/4 part Camphor Gum

1/2 part Cassia

1/4 part Patchouli

2 parts Sandalwood

Each ingredient in this last incense is a resin.