Helpful Advice on Choosing your Wiccan Deity

Advice on Choosing your Deity

Picking your Deity…..

Wiccans use diversity of beliefs, among Wiccans there are polytheists monotheists, ditheists, pantheists and etc; even there are atheists and agnostics. Wicca draws its beliefs from ancient goddess and gods; they view them as parts of nature or parts of one supreme god or energy.

However, most Wiccans worship Horned God and Mother Goddess as the divine couple. The Horned God is the representation of male aspect while Mother Goddess is feminine aspect of Wicca religion.

There are relations between Horned God and old Greek God Pan, Roman Faunus or Celtic Cernunnos. While Mother Goddess as a personification of earth and nature is associated with Greek Goddess Rhea, Roman Venus, and German Anu and so on.

Also, Mother Goddess if often viewed as Triple goddess Maiden, Mother and the Chrone, representing three phases of women life, and three phases of the moon. There are other names you can hear in relation to Wicca: Child God representing infant gods, Green Man related to the earth gods, Sun God related to sun gods, Virgin Goddess and more.

There are plenty of gods in Wicca tradition, lots of Wiccans let god or goddess to choose them through dreams visions or acts of nature.

Choosing a Parton or Matron is an important part of becoming Wiccan because Patron is your personal guide that gives you strength and channel to worship and communicate through mutual understanding.

To do:

Research different pantheons and different deities; find out which of them are most drawn to you. Try to find similarities in certain aspects of your interest or personality and characteristics of some god.

Think about your personal adviser or guide, which god or goddess will best suit your needs. Research aspects of your life you want to

improve, and try to find those qualities in different pantheons.

Meditate on different gods, just close your eyes and let the mind go free. Look for the signs, try to hear the inner voice inside you, it is different from person to person. The Patron will call you maybe during meditation, or in your dream, maybe he will talk to you through some person you know; just be patient.

When you finally find your goddess or god, try to bind with him. For example, if you chose Egyptian god Thoth for your patron, try to write some poem or prose, or make a magical ritual honor him. If you find Greek Goddess Diana to be your Patron, go to the woods, talk to the trees, and meditate in the nature and so on.

If you feel that something is wrong with god or goddess you have chosen, maybe communication is not clear or you get mixed messages. Maybe that god isn’t right to you and and you need to choose the right one. Many gods are so alike but so different, maybe Roman God Pan is not right for you, maybe the Greek Satyr is the right one.