Advice On Understanding Chakras

Advice On Understanding Chakras

The root Chakra starts at the base of your spine and this is your center of support. The main chakra dictates your personal and professional life and it will determine if you have the spiritual and mental strength that can support the other chakras.

If you want to understand chakras you will have to understand that the relationship between us and the Universe is transactional. This means that the Universe needs us but we also need the Universe. The environment is responsible for creating us and we are responsible for developing and understanding the environment.

Every piece of rock and every tree from nature have a purpose and everything is connected in perfect harmony in order for us to survive and thrive. Chakras are so powerful that they can change our entire vision about life.

If we manage to discover the wonders of the Universe with the power of charkas we will be able to have a deeper feeling for the people around us. We will be able to understand people without words. This is truly one of the biggest benefits of chakras.

Chakras will be able to help you in your journey of understanding. You will be able to find more common sense if you use chakras for gaining a balanced life. At one point in time you will realize that you are continuous with the Universe and this will offer you a lot of peace of mind.

You should never be afraid of your chakras as there is a certain method that you can use in order to maintain all of your chakras in a positive state. At one point in time you will get used to this method and you will reap the benefits of your work. As long as you approach this problem with a positive mindset you will be able to reap the rewards in a record time.

Chakras are here to help us to discover the environment and without our ability to understand the Universe we can never understand chakras. This essential step of understanding the Universe is in fact part of one process and that is the process of discovering and understanding the wonders of our world.

We are not in this world to develop it but this world has developed everything for us and all that we need to do is to discover these wonders. Chakras will help you to discover the beauty of the Universe and you will be amazed to see that there is a strong bond between our body and the Universe.

Our life is too short to witness the mighty changes of the Universe yet our body took millions of years to develop. With our short life span we would off never been able to realize that there is such a deep bond between us, nature and the Universe.

In anything that floats in space there is human intelligence. We have managed to map out the stars and the planets and in the future we will expand and discover many things that will eventually be familiar to us. This is because everything in the Universe goes together in perfect harmony.

The first chakra should resemble a sound that is similar in intensity to the richness of the earth. The second chakra is based on our interpersonal relationships and it basically revolves around our creative spirit. It is related to our artwork, our business and in many areas of our life where we apply our creativity.

The second chakra is fundamental for our survival because it also revolves around our ability to have babies. The color of the second chakra is orange and the sound will be able to transmit a feeling of sexuality and power.

The third chakra is our power center and this chakra helps us to breathe. You need to think of this chakra as your power chakra so when your mind tells you to do something you will have to do it.

The fourth chakra is green and it represents everything that helps us to live and breathe. This is your heart chakra and it is also connected to your lungs as you are breathing in oxygen and you are breathing out carbon dioxide so this is a chakra of giving and receiving love.

If you master this chakra you will be able to live a life full of love and understanding. You will need to give and receive unconditional love and you will have to learn to love yourself.

The sound of this chakra is a sound of love. It starts with a really deep breathe and it ends with a sound that resembles joy. This chakra is centered on our throat and the purpose of this chakra is to help us when we speak our truth.

The fifth chakra has the color blue and you will need to understand that in order to use this chakra properly you will have to listen before you say anything. You will need to be able to listen to people and you will want to be able to receive information.

After practicing chakras for many years I have found that some people are not able to practice this chakra because of anger and frustration. Anyone who is trained in body language can recognize this and this is why I advise everyone to practice chakras because it can help us to discover our problems.

People who have a problem with this chakra may not be able to get their message out, they might not be able to feel understood and this can cause a lot of frustration. Anger does not tend to exist as long as people will understand each other.

You will need to speak your problems in an honest and kind way. You need to speak your truth very kindly to the people around you and they will learn to respect you more. If you can speak clearly and kindly then your message will get across and you will enjoy a much healthier relationship with the people that you love.

Our sixth chakra is our mind and it deals with our visual system and this chakra is also essential for imagination. It is the chakra that we use to imagine or dream and this chakra plays an absolutely vital role. You can say that there are a lot of intellectual activities that are practiced by this chakra.

This chakra can also get you blocked and if you are overly busy you need to use the power of the other chakras in order to maintain this chakra in a positive balance. You will need to eliminate the negative thoughts that are present in this chakra.

This is the most amazing thing about this chakra as if you clear your negative thoughts and if you introduce positive thoughts your life will change in a positive manner sooner than you might expect. This is the chakra that can have the biggest impact on your life and you need to learn how the get the most out of it.

Our most important purpose is to open our soul towards divine wisdom. The fact is that divine guidance is available to us at all times it is just that sometimes we get in the way. The color of this chakra is indigo blue so just imagine this color for a second and think about what it means.

When I think of this color I think about the depth of the Universe and I imagine how people have looked up at the indigo blue sky for thousands of years and I can feel the questions that they had. They might off asked themselves: Why are we here and what is our ultimate purpose on this planet?

This chakra works intensely with the other chakras and the key is to understand that it is connected to your heart level as well. You basically have three chakras below the heart level and three on the upper level of your heart and this chakra makes the connection between the lower and the upper chakras.

Another way of understanding chakras is by separating them into physical chakras and spiritual ones. The ones at the base are physical chakras while the ones that are on the top are spiritual and mental chakras. The key is that they need to work together in complete harmony and your job is to learn how to balance these chakras.