Learn About Amazonite Crystal Healing

Amazonite – Crystal Healing


Amazonite is held in close esteem with the throat chakra and third eye chakra, for those who are looking utilize this book to help their chakra work. For those looking for the basic principles and properties of the stone, Amazonite is a common stone that is vastly utilized.

Amazonite is closely associated with cleansing mental worry and troubles, be they in the form of waves of negative or harmful energy or internal worry. As a cleansing stone that banishes troubles from the mind, it also opens you up for protection when exploring the higher powers in meditation.

By carrying around Amazonite, you are welcoming the strength of the stone to help communicate better, alleviate stress from you experiences, and most importantly, Amazonite is commonly associated with being able to build better friendships that will help make your life easier. As the stone of friendship, it often carries with it the attributes that build better friendships, be that honour, trust, hope, and truth; all of these attributes will be enhanced in your experience.

The take away for Amazonite is that this is a highly psychic stone and is often utilized most with meditation and chakra work, but feel free to carry it with you and experiences the differences it makes in your day to day interactions.