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Amethyst – Crystal Healing


For those seeking to do chakra work, Amethyst is very well known for working with the third eye and is closely associated and supported for work with the third eye. It is a stone commonly brought to chakra work when exploring higher, spiritual realms because it is a defensive stone against spiritual attack and negative psychic influences that might harm your work.

This translates well to meditation, if you’re not necessarily doing chakra work to open yourself up. If you are more interested in spiritual exploration, this stone is a must-have. This stone is renowned for its protection.

Those who are looking for the higher properties of Amethyst in their day to day life when carrying it, then expect tranquillity, peace if the mind and heart, and most importantly, look for sobriety. Romans held Amethyst closely to sobriety and tied the legend of the crystals formation to the lament of the god Bacchus in pouring out his wine of the crystallized maiden of unparalleled beauty, Amethyst.

This stone will help ease a hangover and it will also give you a piece of mind, protecting your mind from the psychic invasions that are all around us.