How To Perform An Angel Spell

Angel Spell

his spell can be performed as another way to bless and consecrate yourself, or to help you or those you know in times of vulnerability. You can use this spell without candles and incense, when you feel it is necessary, by just saying the invocation to the Angels. Always remember to thank these mighty beings of light; whether you sense their presence or not, they will be there.

You Will Need

♦ 2.7 m (9 ft) white cord

♦ White candle

♦ Frankincense

♦ Charcoal

♦ Charcoal burner


1) Open your cord circle and place the candle 1 and frankincense in the centre. Facing south, light the candle and the burner. Add the frankincense to the hot charcoal saying:

Lord of light, this offering I make.

Say the Angelic Invocation. While you say the first line, touch your head, touching your stomach say the second line, touching your left shoulder say the third line, and touching your right shoulder complete the invocation:

Uriel above me. Michael beneath me. Raphael to my left, Gabriel to my Right. By the power of these great Angels, surround me with light.

Visualize four angels in the four directions. Bow your head and say “Thank you” to each one. Ask them for what you feel you need. This could be humility, an open heart, strength, honesty or another helpful attribute for the task at hand.

2) When your call for assistance is completed. say “Thank you” again. Blow out the candle and close your circle in the usual way.


1) If someone you know is in need of angelic 1 protection or healing, you can make an Angel Altar. Place a white candle and frankincense within a circle of salt, enclosed with a recent photograph of the person.

2) Light the candle and frankincense. Say the Angelic Invocation, touching the head and relevant parts of the body in the photo and saying his/her name.

3) Leave the altar for 24 hours, then remove the circle of salt, gathering it up so that it can be sprinkled on the earth outside (or in a pot of earth).

4) For serious situations, do the blessing every 48 hours until you feel your work is done. Leave the altar for 24 hours then remove the salt, leaving the circle for 24 hours. Repeat the salt circle and invocation and remove the salt after 24 hours.