Article: Answers To Typical Questions About Paganism

Answers To Typical Questions About Paganism

Typical Questions on Paganism…. Answered.

If you have just recently discovered paganism and want to explore it, but have become stuck on where to begin (especially after reading what I have written above), then here are several common questions that people ask. The answers to these common questions will help you to identify which paganism religion best suits your needs and current beliefs.

Where Do I Begin?

This is a really common question and quite frankly has frustrated a lot of pagan newbies. But, do not worry, because I can help you figure out where to begin. Begin by introspection. Ask yourself are you interested in magical craft? Or are you looking for a religion that worships deities?

Or maybe a combination of both? These are important questions that will help you decide on where to start because there are pagan religions that practice ceremonial magic or witchcraft without religious or worship overtones. There are also pagan religions that consist mostly of worshipping while there are those who combine magic or witchcraft with veneration of gods and goddesses.

Is There A Difference Between Witch, Wiccan, And Pagan?

Yes, there is. In fact, all three words mean different things. Paganism as I have mentioned earlier is not a religion, but an umbrella term used to refer to various pagan religions like Wicca. Another type of pagan religion is the Re-constructionist religions like the Kemetecism, Asatru, and Hellenismos to name a few. These Re-constructionist pagan religions are quite different from Wicca, based on their religious practices. As a matter of fact, Wicca is a religious witchcraft practice.

But, you have to take note that to be Wicca does not mean you have to be a witch, neither does a witch need to be Wiccan—these two are separate entities. Witchcraft—where practitioners are called a witch, can be readily practised together with any compatible religion or as a practice unto itself.

Do All Pagans Follow The Rede?

No. It is only the Wiccans who follow the rede of “harm none.” Other pagan religions have their own system of ethics and many of them are antithetical to the rede.

What Are Your Beliefs Concerning God and Goddesses?

This is another important question you need to ponder on when looking for a pagan religion to join because each religion has various beliefs especially when it comes to gods and goddesses. There are those who believe that each god is a distinct and separate entity, some believe that all gods are really one, while there are those who believe that gods have many facets.

There are also those who believe in henotheism, where you worship and believe in a single god while readily accepting the possible existence or existence of other deities that may also be served; or pantheism, where followers do not believe in a distinct anthropomorphic or personal god, but that the Universe is identical with divinity; and monotheism, where followers only believe in one god.