Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Aura Colors and Their Meanings


A red colored aura relates to anything and everything concerned with the physical body. To be more specific, it also concerns the heart and circulation. As the densest color in the spectrum, red is known to create a lot of friction. It is highly unstable and can attract or repel at the same time.

On the negative side it may represent obsessions or financial problems; bottled-up anger and a vengeful capacity against forgiveness. It is commonly associated with anxiety and nervousness too. A person having an aura of a deep red nature can be expected to be grounded and realistic. This person is active and blessed with strong will power.

Such a person can survive in any kind of situation he or she might find themselves in. A muddied red color on the other hand, sends out one clear message; it portrays anger of a very repelling sort. A clear red color is one of the most sought after auras in a person. It signifies power and energy. These people are usually extremely competitive, sexual and passionate about everything they do. In its bright red state, red energy depicts an extremely healthy ego.


A pink colored aura personifies very loving, sensitive and tender characteristics. Such people are born artists. They are also known for their affection, purity and sensuality. A dark and murky pink depicts qualities that would put the bright pink auras to shame. It indicates that a person is immature and mostly of a dishonest disposition.


Orange is the color that is directly related to reproductive organs and emotions. It stands for vitality, vigor, excitement and loads of good health. Orange auras shout out the presence of a lot of energy and stamina. Such people are usually productive, creative and adventurous. They are known for being courageous and have a very outgoing social nature. A real time analysis could also indicate that they are currently experiencing stress due to appetites and addictions.

An orangey-red aura exudes a lot of confidence and creative power. An orange-yellow person is extremely creative and intelligent. This person is a perfectionist and all of their work pays a very strict attention to detail. Hinting at a scientific background would not be very far from the truth.


Yellow is always associated with the energy of life. It stands for inspiration and intelligence. It is an eye-opener type of aura. People with a yellow aura are usually easy going, creative, playful and extremely optimistic. Although it is very similar to the color yellow, a light or pale yellow denotes spiritual awareness and an emerging psychic. It also portrays hopefulness and optimism, especially an extremely optimistic excitement regarding new ideas. A bright lemon yellow color depicts a struggle to balance control and power in a business or personal relationship. It also portrays a fear of losing prestige, control, power and respect.

An aura that has a clear, shiny and bright gold metallic color shows that the person houses spiritual energy and power. This is a person who is very clearly inspired. A dark brown yellow or gold almost always points to a student or more specifically, someone who is putting a lot of effort into studying. A student trying to cram by making up for all the lost time, trying to study everything on the eve of an exam would be a perfect example.


Green is a very soothing color, even as an aura. It pertains to the heart and the lungs. All of us see it as the color of everything healthy. It is a comfortable hue that is always associated with nature. This aura represents balance and growth. It symbolizes the love of people, nature and other social work. A bright emerald green is seldom associated with anything other than a healer or a person who is centered on love. A yellowish green aura is indicative of a person who is very communicative and creative at heart.

The most ominous green aura would be the dark or muddy forest green. It usually accompanies people who feel like they are victims of the world. Such people are prone to blame themselves or others constantly. They are consistently plagued with insecurity and low self-esteem. They are also extra sensitive and not very broad minded about criticism. Jealousy and resentment are also common ailments faced by them.


A blue color relates to the throat and thyroid. A person having an aura of this color is always cool, calm and collected. Their other character traits include having a caring or loving tendency. They are also remembered for being sensitive and intuitive. A turquoise aura always relates to the immune system. Such people are sensitive and compassionate. They are renowned healers or therapists. A soft blue aura depicts peacefulness, honesty and an intuitive nature. Such people are also known for their communication skills.

Clairvoyance, generosity and a high spirituality are synonymous with a bright royal blue color. These people are almost always on the right path by default. New opportunities are always in store for them. A dark or muddy blue color brings out the fears that are most dominant in a person. Most specifically is a fear of the future, fear of speaking or facing the truth and an underlying fear of self-expression.


A violet color is directly associated with the crown of the head, the nervous system and the pineal gland. It is regarded as the wisest and most sensitive of colors. It unearths the psychic power of attunement with oneself. The ones with this aura are usually idealistic, magical, artistic and intuitive. They are regarded as visionaries. Not very far from violet, the indigo aura has indicated a direct connection to the third eye, pituitary and visual gland. A lavender aura relates directly to the imagination and those who are daydreamers.


This is the color that stands for abundance, in both the spiritual and physical sense of the word. An abundance of bright silver can either be a cornucopia of wealth or a spiritual awakening. Bright, metallic silver corresponds that the person is receptive to new ideas. He or she could have a nurturing personality and could be extremely intuitive.


If gray clusters are seen in various parts of the body, it should be taken as a warning sign. It may be indicative of potential health problems. A muddy and darker gray color refers to the presence of a residue of fears accumulated in the body.


Gold is almost always considered to have a divine connection. It is regarded as the hue of enlightenment and celestial protection. A person with a golden aura is considered to have divine guidance. It is also associated with knowledge, wisdom, protection and spirituality.


A black aura has the similar effect of a black hole. It transforms energy by drawing energy toward itself. It can be seen as capturing light and consuming it. It is also indicative of a darker past dominated by a tendency to harbor long-term grudges. If concentrated in one part of the body, this aura can be a signal to potential health problems.


As in real life, white is a pure state of luminescence. Most undefined regions in an aura are usually white. A white aura enables us to read spiritual, transcendent and etheric qualities in a person. It also represents truth and purity. Generally, white denotes angelic qualities. Sparkles or flashes of white color may say that angels are nearby or can shed light on an impending pregnancy.

Earth colors have only one true purpose. They represent an undying love for the earth. These colors are very important for a person. They are mostly seen in villagers and also in people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Rainbow colors point out that the person in question has just begun his or her first incarnation on earth. Pastels show a profound appreciation for serenity. A dirty brown overlay is known for holding on to energies and a lot of insecurities. A dirty gray overlay is indicative of energy blocks and stands for guardedness.