How To Use Aventurine In Crystal Healing

Aventurine – Crystal Healing


Aventurine is not necessarily a stone that is associated heavily with chakra work, but those who utilize it tend to apply this stone to the heart chakra. However, like many stones, Aventurine comes in an array of colors with can be used to enhance chakra work in various other areas. However, pure aventurine is mostly dominated by the heart chakra work.

For meditation, aventurine is truly the place of its most common appearance. This is a stone that is becoming more and more noticed in the past few years for it’s defensive properties and its ability to clear the mind to enhance the mental power of the one wearing or utilizing it. Creativity, focus on the future, contemplating future decisions, and seeking out paths of success are made much easier through the use of aventurine.

However, due to those same qualities, aventurine is becoming more and more popular as a stone to carry with you through the day.

Why is it growing in popularity? Because as psychic work is becoming more and more popular, people are becoming aware of natural, artificial, and intentional psychic vampirism. Whether it is electromagnetic, energy maelstroms, sunspots, or those seeking to utilize psychic abilities in a negative way, aventurine is a way to keep your mind clear of the clutter that is constantly bombarding you. The result of carrying aventurine with you is a clearer, open mind to handling the problems that you’re faced on a daily basis.

This of course is a stone that is very popular to those rushing toward the path of success.