Chakras Online: Basic Introduction to Chakras

Basic Introduction to Chakras

The chakras have a rainbow like color and structure and this is one of the most amazing things. The fact is that everything in this Universe is somewhat connected and even the shape of the human body is similar to many other objects that can be found in nature.

For far too much time traditional medicine has completely ignored the fact that the solution to any problem can be found in nature. It is as if our body is a mirror of Mother Nature and the complex elements of our body can be found in similar shapes all across the planet.

The rainbow is like a visible power that is present in each of us. The colors of the rainbow contain energy that can influence our emotions as well as the physical body. This is why chakra will help you to seek the spiritual enlightenment that will help you to improve your life. The color intensity of a chakra is there to determine your emotional and physical state.

Chakra is also based on music and music is one of the biggest wonders of our Universe. One who understands music will understand how the Universe works. The values of charka can also be found in music notes and the fact is that wherever you go there are only seven basic notes.

This is truly fascinating and I hope that future articles will bring you closer to discovering the truth about the Universe.