Things To Learn Before You Begin Your Magickal Journey

Before You Begin Your Magickal Journey

Before you begin on your journey, there are a few things to go over. Let’s talk about Magic, one of the most interesting aspects of this religion for newcomers. Magic isn’t a religion in and of itself, but is rather an activity of those who practice the religion.

Those who practice Witchcraft believe that humans are inherently powerful, and that we hold many more abilities than we are even aware of. Magic aims to develop these hidden abilities, and use forces of nature to change and alter states of mind, as well as physical conditions. These expressions should always be in alignment with the “True Will” we discussed earlier in this book. A big part of practising witchcraft is learning this skill, and honing our methods of psychic power.

Although modern depictions of Witchcraft in media and entertainment often portray the craft as something dark, or as a way to harm people, this is not the case. One of the foundation beliefs of this way of life is that anything you do, will come back to you in a magnified form. This this reason, people who practice magic would be absolute fools to attempt to curse or harm other people, because they’d be on the receiving end of something much, much worse. The price is too high to be worth the moment’s satisfaction of revenge.

And besides, Wiccans are typically friendly, caring people. This stereotype is completely false and should be banished immediately. If you are looking to get into Witchcraft for the purposes of getting back at someone who hurt you, or some other type of revenge, this is likely not the path for you.

It may seem as though we, as Wiccans, are claiming some type of paranormal or supernatural ties, but this is not necessary or always the case. The forces and the natural elements we work with are completely a part of this realm, and completely natural.

For this reason, this belief system is not incompatible with science. We do, however, tend to acknowledge the sacredness and the aliveness of that which surrounds us, which not all scientists like to talk about. Ultimately, this is about connection, and working with what we are given.

What are your motivations for exploring this way of life? Is it to rebel against your devoutly Catholic parents? Is it something you’re doing to seem cool or edgy? These are the wrong reasons. Trying out a religion for superficial reasons will not benefit you in any way, whatsoever. If this is your aim, this way of life is not for you.

Wicca is about developing yourself spiritually, not improving your outer image, and not harming other people. To use Witchcraft for these means is to devalue and disrespect the sacredness of the religion.

We already outlined some of the other major guidelines of Wicca, which were about doing as you wish, but making sure to not harm others, and also the rule of the things you do coming back to you magnified. Now we can get into some of the activities you can perform, and some spells you can try casting, to get familiar with Wicca. Once again, I encourage reading many other sources on the subject to get a full understanding and to develop your own, personalized journey with the craft.

One way you can begin to get familiar with this way of life is to search online for groups in your area. This will likely only work if you live in a city, but you should be able to find a coven nearby if you do. If not, there’s always the internet, and plenty of people to get in touch with and ask questions. Another option is going to a Metaphysical shop, which many towns have. Chances are, these stores will have meetings on Witchcraft or possibly Pagan ideas. This could be a fantastic way to meet friends with similar interests. If any of these options are not choices that exist for you, for whatever reason, don’t worry, for you can always practice at home, on your own.

Okay, so now you’re ready to begin. No matter who you are, your first magical activity or ritual is going to probably make you slightly nervous. This has to do with encountering something unfamiliar, being unsure what will happen, or whether you’re going to do things right. If this is the case with you, dear beginner, fear not. We all went through that at one stage, and there are ways you can ease into it rather than diving in full force. In the next chapter, I’ll suggest some simple practices you can do to start out, and then we’ll move on to some other spells.