How to build a Cairn

Building A Cairn


Used from time immemorial as markers, cairns can also become magical places charged with the energy — both of the stones of which they consist and with the magical energy of the rituals performed there. They are firmly based upon the earth but raise themselves upwards, signifying the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms.

When working in the outdoors, you could ritually mark each of the four directions with a small cairn of appropriately chosen stones rather than just a single stone. You could then, if you wished, leave these small markers in position either to maintain the sacredness of the space, or as an offering to the nature spirits. Though fashioned by human hand, these markers are indicative of your partnership with nature.

Building a cairn….

Building a cairn can be an opportunity for you to use your new-found ability to appreciate and understand stones. When you are able, find yourself a sufficient number of stones — just ordinary, everyday ones that take your fancy — and spend some time with them as suggested above.

When you are ready, do the following:


Identify a magical need, perhaps something you want to change, to make better, to develop or to get rid off.

As you visualize this need, hold one of your stones, Feel the energy beating within it – the power of the Earth, the power of nature, Place it on the cleared ground.

Pick up another stone, still visualizing your need, and put it next to the first. Repeat….