Learn Carnelian Crystal Healing

Carnelian – Crystal Healing


For those utilizing Carnelian to work on their chakras, they might be encouraged to know that this is a common stone that is utilized most for the base and sacral chakras. This of course is because Carnelian is a beautiful grounding stone and harnesses many great qualities with it that bring depth and openness to that work.

For meditation and spiritual properties, Carnelian is most utilized as a stone of courage. This is a courage that comes through the most defining feature of Carnelian and that is desire. Of ten thought of as a good luck stone, Carnelian draws that history from the fact that those who utilize Carnelian in meditation often find their thoughts drifting to that which they desire most and find the openness to pursue that.

Through the cleansing of this stone, that openness fosters a drive to pursue it, thus the attribute of courage is bolstered, giving this quality a sense of courage through clarity and desire. When the object of desire is achieved, many associate that with positive luck.

So carrying this stone with you will bring you to interesting points in your day to day wanderings. You will find yourself drawn to that which you desire most and your heart will find the courage to pursue that which you are most interested in achieving. Many caution that Carnelian distracts from many goals that might not be your heart’s desire but a necessity. Carnelian will pull you form responsibilities to chase your heart’s deepest desires. So if that is what you need in your life, take up Carnelian.