Chakra Mudras Information

Chakra Mudras Information

Chakra mudras are an essential and integral part of a healthy life and if you want to balance your chakras you should learn these techniques.

For the mood chakra you should start by connecting the tips of your thumbs with the tips of your index fingers. You should create a circle with the thumb and the index finger and the other fingers should be facing up.

For the sacral chakra you should hold one hand inside the other and connect the tips of the thumbs together to create a circle with the palms and thumbs.

For the solid plexus chakra you should extend the fingers and interlock the thumbs. You need to make sure that you leave space between the thumbs of your hands and raise the palms up in front of the solid plexus. You should hold that position throughout your meditation.

For the hard chakra simply connect the tips of the thumbs with the tips of the middle fingers. You can do this with both hands and create a circle between the thumbs and the middle finger. Simply relax the rest of the fingers and point the rest of the fingers in an upward position. You should also rest your hands onto your lap.

For the throat chakra you should interlink the fingers at the first knuckle and you should relax them back into the palms and you should connect the tips of the thumbs to each other. You should create a circle with the thumbs and the palms of the hand.

For the third eye you should connect the knuckles with the fingers in a fist like position. Gently role the fingers to the second knuckle and then connect the tip of the thumbs. This should create a heart when you are looking at the fingers. Gently raise the middle fingers up and connect the tips of the middle fingers while you place the knuckles back together. The purpose is to create a heart with a triangle on top.

For the crown chakra interlock the fingers and extend the middle finger. After that you can simply raise this in your lap. I hope that you will now have a basic understanding about how you can use chakra mudras. This is not a particularly complicated process and I am sure that you are not going to experience difficulty with this technique.

After all, the ultimate purpose is to help you to reach your chakra balance and feel more relaxed.