Chrysocolla - Crystal Healing

Chrysocolla – Crystal Healing

When it comes to Chrysocolla, this is a wonderful piece for chakra work in the fact that it cleanses an area and really utilizes and activates all of the chakras. Those looking to make contact with the divine and to truly communicate with the universe are large fans of Chrysocolla in the fact that it a straight to business stone.

For meditational purposes, this is great because whether you do chakra work or not, your meditation is directly influenced by your chakras. When you chakras open and there is a sense of equilibrium through the body, you will find yourself in harmony, banishing the negative energy from you soul and meditational qualities will enhance and speed up. You will find your mind open and distractions will be all but gone, paving the way for you to seek the answers to the questions that are on your mind.

As far as carrying this stone goes, Chrysocolla is all about the harmony of the soul and activating the chakras. This means that you are going to experience all of the positive effects of harmony. This means you’re going to have an overall feeling and presence of tranquilly in your life. You’re not going to be bogged down by negativity and you’ll feel a banishment of fear, anxiety, regret, and guilt. With an absence of negative energy, you’ll find yourself filled with positive emotions that won’t be constrained by the negative smog hanging around your soul.