How To Perform A Dark Moon Ritual Meditation

Dark Moon Ritual Meditation

Meditate with the dark moon….

This ritual-meditation of cleansing and renewing should be done when the moon is completely invisible. For the maximum results it is best to repeat it for three nights. Begin on the actual night of the Dark Moon i.e. after the Full Moon and before the first quarter. You can double check when this is by referring to newspaper columns, diaries or an astrological ephemeris.

On the appropriate day for this ritual, eat lightly — preferably avoiding meat — to give your system a rest. Take a cleansing bath or shower using an oil which suits your purpose. Being conscious that you are washing away the old stagnant energy, you may wish to keep the water running to ensure a flow through of energy.

Do not speak to anyone between the time you take the bath and the time you begin the ritual, since this may disturb your concentration. Take notice of your emotions as you go into the ritual.


Chair, cushion or mat so that you can sit comfortably

Black or dark coloured candle

Patchouli incense

Black or dark coloured hooded robe, or a large towel or scarf to drape over your head, If you meditate to music, choose instrumental music that is slow and heavy, yet pleasant to listen to. Drumming can also help you to reach the deeper realms.


Light the incense (which represents air) and carry it counter-clockwise around the room visualizing yourself as a point of light. See yourself spiralling downwards towards the beginning of life, unwinding your life and you experiences as you go. Recognize that you will be reborn and reformed and can make a fresh start.

Place the incense within your sacred space, on your altar if you use one. Light the dark candle and walk with it round the room in a counter-clockwise direction. Replace the candle on the altar. From now on you will be working only by candlelight.

Pull the scarf, towel or hood of the robe over your head. Sit before your altar or in your sacred space so the room is obscured from view. Start the music if you are using it.

Close your eyes, and sink deep into yourself — into your inner space. Relax your body and sense yourself going deeper and deeper. Don’t push too hard, just let things happen — but don’t fall asleep.

You should soon become aware of the entrance to a cave in front of you. This is the door to your unconscious and the beginning of your introduction to the mysteries of the Dark Moon.

Move forward with confidence towards the dim light you will see in front of you.

Soon, you will find yourself at the entrance to yet another vast cavern. In the centre of the cavern is a huge cauldron, surrounded by candles. Behind the cauldron stands or sits a figure in a black robe. Wait until this figure gives you permission to move forward.

Approach him or her with respect and dignity. (You may find that you wish to kneel in submission, such is the power you feel from this entity.)

Communicate the changes you feel are necessary but don’t ask for specific ways of making those changes.

You will become aware of the responses given to your request — trust that the universe is ready to accept the Dark Moon’s way of working. Listen carefully to what is said to you.

Being asked to step into the cauldron is a major spiritual experience so be ready for whatever may occur; the cauldron experience differs from person to person — you may feel as if you are undergoing some form of initiation, see visions of the future or become extremely conscious of every part of your physical body.

Previous events in your life may re-emerge so that you can understand why you acted the way you did and to show you how to avoid the same thing in the future. Some experiences will bring up a great deal of emotion but be very cleansing.

Re-experiencing a loss is immediately followed for instance by contact with the loved one to show you that nothing is ever totally destroyed.