How To Send The Deities Away

Devocation Of The Deities

How To Send The Deities Away…….

In this step we thank and send the Deities away. You must never command them but always remember that they are there by choice. Hence we address them accordingly. You might say:

Remain if it pleases you, go in peace. Hail and Farewell Ye Gods.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of this, and indeed the next few steps, is to envisage those from other dimensions and levels of existence processing out of the sacred space in order of seniority.

Thus, those deities who have graced us by their presence leave first. You may address each god or goddess individually if you wish. This idea of hierarchy may help to explain why magicians sometimes succeed at magic and at other times fail.


In this part of the ritual, the allies and ancestors are thanked and bidden a fond farewell. There is, however, a note of caution to be sounded. The idea of something or someone else doing the necessary work for us is a very materialistic approach to magic.

The Allies and ancestors are invited to lend their support, not to do the work. They should therefore be acknowledged in this way and then asked to leave. The words used might be:

Friends and ancestors we thank you for your support and assistance. Go now in peace to your rest.

As the practitioner becomes more proficient, and after experiencing the reality and illusions of other astral worlds, a direct — or more personal — relationship is built up in which the magician sees the powers being directed as aspects of his or her self, and not as an exterior force. This realization belongs to the level of the adept and mystic.

The elemental and directional powers are also thanked and sent back whence they came. Some practitioners choose to do it in reverse order — a sort of unwinding of the circle. Others continue to work clockwise.