What is Divination with the Runes

Divination With the Runes

Draw a single rune to act as a guiding rune for the day or before beginning a project, or to gain insight into a problem. It  gives an overview of an issue, and is often all the guidance you need. The three-rune spread is particularly useful in giving an overall picture, placing an issue in its context by showing the events that have led up to the issue itself and, finally, the most likely future outcome.


Holding your rune bag, focus on the issue upon which you wish the runes to comment.You may say one of the following:

1 “I wish the runes to comment upon the day ahead.”

2 “I wish the runes to comment upon (name a future endeavour).”

3 “I wish the runes t.0 comment upon (name an issue or problem).”

Then pick a single rune from the bag or the casting cloth. Meditate while holding that rune, then look up its meaning.

Sample Reading: Tony had just been made redundant from a job that he did not like. Although he was in some ways relieved to be free from it, he was also fearful for his future and was concerned about finding new employment. He asked the runes to comment about this, and drew Rad.

Meaning:  The rune Rad means the wheel of life, and signifies that life goes in cycles which will present challenges. Tony learned that he had just come to the end of a cycle in his life. He needed to live in the present and learn its lessons while trusting that the future would provide him only with valuable opportunities to learn more.

After several failed interviews for jobs in the same field as his last one (which anyway he had not enjoyed), he realized that the lesson he should be drawing from his experience was that he needed a different type of job. He decided to look for a job in the open countryside. Here he was much more successful and now thoroughly enjoys his work.


The three-rune spread is like a signpost at a crossroads. Once you have an issue clearly fixed in your mind, draw your first rune. While focusing’ on it, think of the events that have led up to the issue or how you have attracted it into your life. Now draw your second rune, and while focusing on it consider the present moment regarding the issue. Finally, draw your third rune, focusing on your wish to be shown where the issue is taking you. Focus on what each rune represents when drawing it. The stronger your focus and intent, the clearer your answers will be.

Sample Reading: Anne had been suffering from ill-health for over six months. She had consulted both medical doctors and alternative health practitioners but to no avail. She did not understand why her illness kept returning, whatever she did to fight it. She drew the following three runes: Geofu, Tyr and Eoh.

Meaning: The rune Geofu means a gift. It showed Anne that her illness was a gift which she was trying to reject instead of accepting. The gift was the lessons the illness had to teach her Tyr, the warrior god, showed Anne that if she remained true to herself and her beliefs, she would gain victory over her illness. Eoh, the yew tree, stands for transformation, and showed Anne that major change was coming and that by embracing the future while letting go of the past, she would enter a new phase of her life. Anne realized that the cure to her illness lay within hen She dealt with several unresolved issues from the past and was quickly restored to health.