Article: Does Your Gender Effect Your Magical Ability

Does Gender Effect Your Magical Ability?

After being contacted by many men wanting to understand the roles of males in Magic. Because of the Goddess movement seen within the last decade, many men and young males have been left confused by the obvious sexual discrimination seen mostly in Wiccan covens. Males seeking spiritual guidance, and participation in Covens are often rejected simply because of their anatomy.

There are a lot of reasons why women would want to work with other women exclusively, but it doesn’t necessarily make it right or wrong. Some women don’t enjoy working with men within a Coven simply to avoid the sexual tension which may eventually arise.

Other women believe that men aren’t conducive to effective Magic, which is not an opinion I hold in high esteem. One reason for this discrimination may lie within the extreme veneration of the Goddess, to the point of neglecting aspects of the God.

Thankfully, balanced Magic is becoming more popular, as most Covens today practice with both Male and Females, acknowledging the contributions of both sexes. In practising magic today, unless you are a Satanist, your gender is irrelevant. Some branches of Satanism believe that only women can harness the true powers of Magic, but honestly, that really isn’t a popular belief in the Pagan community, and for good reason. If you are a man, you should cast your spells with confidence, and use Magic to the fullest.

Your spells will certainly, without a doubt, be as effective as any woman’s. Granted, there are a handful of spells which, because of your sex, you simply won’t be able to perform spells which calls for the use of your menstrual blood. You wouldn’t want to perform spells to regulate your menstrual cycle either. Other than those scenarios, any spell in any book should be just as successful for you as they would a woman.