How To Cast A Drawing Down The Moon Ritual

Drawing Down The Moon Ritual

How to draw down the moon….

We have talked elsewhere of changes of consciousness and of the trance state. One method of accomplishing both is to draw on the Full Moon’s energy and make use of that power. This ritual is now known as ‘Drawing Down The Moon‘ and is an accepted method used by many to empower the feminine.

Strictly, the ritual should be done within a cast circle but, in fact, the more proficient you become at performing it as a matter of course, the easier it is to feel protected by Moon’s power anyway. It may be enough for you to envisage yourself protected by a shaft of light directly connecting you with the Moon as she shines in the sky.

This is a very powerful ritual, so make sure you use the energy wisely.


Creative visualization

Athame or wand if necessary


Find a quiet spot, preferably in the open.

Spend a few moments centring yourself.

Breathe evenly and deeply and make a connection with the power of the Moon as you do so.

If not using an implement, raise your hands above you head and visualize yourself grasping one of the Moon’s beams holding it safely in your hands.

If using your wand or athame, raise it above your head in both hands. (You should feel the power of the Moon as it connects with the wand or athame.) Say:

Moon above, source of power, I now draw down that power into myself. Pure essence of Goddess Be with me now Your priestess.

As you say this, bring your hands level with your heart and visualize the energy passing through your hands, first into your physical body and then your aura, in waves of silver-blue light. If using the athame or wand, point the tip at your heart and feel the energy in the same way.

When you feel the power waning, bring your hands down to your sides and stand quietly for a few moments absorbing the energy.
When you have completed this, say:

I thank you for your blessings, O powerful great Moon.

At the end of the ritual, ground yourself by touching the earth, or purposefully taking several steps away from the spot.