How to Perform am Earth Spell To Commune With Ancestors

Earth Spell To Commune With Ancestors

Spell Tools:

  • A staff, one that has been used before

  • Incense for purification and / or protection

  • Incense burner

  • An offering (Anything Earth based will do. This includes meat.)

  • 8 or more white candles

  • Salt


Go out to the woods. Anywhere with at least 12 trees around you will technically do, but larger is better in this case. Find a secluded area, and set yourself up with your 8 or more candles around you in a circle. Surround your candle circle with salt. Start burning your incense

Sit so that you are comfortable, and then chant your ancestor’s name. If you’re not going for someone specific, chant your family name. If you know your family’s crest, visualize that now. Otherwise, think of things related to your family, like their ethnicity or where they lived.

Repeat their name at least 12 times. Close your eyes, and relax. Listen to the sound around you. Concentrate on anything that stands out. Really try to listen to what is being said by the trees and animals that surround you in this sacred place.

Open your eyes, and look around. If there is no sign immediately visible, then go ahead and pack up slowly. Walk back slowly, as well. You may find a feather, or a special stone. You may see something carved in a tree, or a fox leap across your path.

These are the sorts of signs to look out for.