What Are The Elemental Magickal Attributions

Elemental Magickal Attributions

In order to return to, and successfully execute the power of the elemental aspects of magick, we must reacquaint ourselves with the ancient philosophy which outlined the various attributions ascribed to each element.

The element of Spirit, known in some spiritual traditions as Ether was seen by the ancients as the beginning of all things. Spirit caused the universe to come into existence and its presence emanates throughout all of the cosmos and all planes of existence. Spirit can be seen as the First Consciousness, or Consciousness itself.

This is the stage of creative being that is beyond duality, for in this plane there is only one consciousness. The oneness that is this beginning of All, is a concept that is so beyond our limited human understanding that words cannot do it justice. Even while trying to express this concept in words, I have the crisis of knowing that it can’t really be expressed. Spirit is the animating force, the creative power of all that is.