Spell: Female Fertility Garland

Female Fertility Garland

Invoking Diana…..

It is very important that this spell is performed on the first day of the full moon. Weave a circle of hazel twigs to make a garland then invoke Diana, the goddess of fertility, as you decorate it with buts and pine cones gathered in the woods or forest.

You Will Need

♦ 2.7 m (9 ft) white cord

♦ Aromatherapy burner

♦ Jasmine oil

♦ Green candle

♦ Hazel twigs

♦ Green thread

♦ Acorns, walnuts, hazelnuts and/or pine cones

♦ Cinnamon sticks

♦ Green ribbon

♦ Rice wine (optional)


This spell is to be performed on a Monday after your menstruation is completely finished, and on the first day of a full moon.

1) Bless, consecrate and open your cord circle. Place the aromatherapy burner filled with nine drops of jasmine oil in the centre, saying as you light it:

Hail to you, Levanah. I honour your presence with this aroma and ask you to help me with my request.

Light the green candle, while saying:

Hail to thee, Nogah. I honour you with this flame of light and ask you to help me with my request.

Point your right hand to the heavens and say:

Farther of the skies, I ask for the fertile seed of life to enter me.

Touch the earth with your left hand and say:

Mother of the Earth, I ask for the egg of life to be made fertile.

2) Sit down on the ground, facing south. Weave the hazel twigs together to make a circle and bind them with green thread.

3) Take the nuts and cones and pour out n drops of jasmine oil. Anoint each nut or cone with oil, saying the following invocation with intense feeling:

O Diana, Goddess of fertility. I call to you that I may carry and bear a child who shall be born of love and cherished as a child of blessed life. Grant my wish and help me to conceive.

Say this nine times, saying: “Thank you” at the ninth request. Visualize new life entering and filling you as you attach the nuts and cones to your garland.

4) Decorate the garland with cinnamon sticks and green ribbon, and sprinkle it with rice wine if you wish. When the garland is completed, stand up and say:

So mote it be, may divine will be done.

5) Beginning in the east, close your spell widdershins first and then your circle. Gather all the organic ingredients and dispose of them on the earth outside.

6) Place the garland above your nuptial bed. If it is biologically possible for you to conceive it should now happen, you must just relax and let it take place in its right time. If you suspect that you have any medical problems you must consult a medical practitioner.