How To Cast A Friendship Spell

Friendship Spell

Casting a spell for friendship…..

Perform this spell, within a horseshoe shape set inside your magical cord circle. The colour green and the apple are both sacred to Venus, and sweet peas are the traditional flower of friendship.

You Will Need

♦ 2.7 m (9 ft) white cord

♦ 7 green candles

♦ Aromatherapy burner

♦ Sweet pea aromatherapy oil, diluted in sesame oil

♦ 5 seeds from a sweet organic apple

♦ Gold pen

♦ Natural paper


Perform this spell on a Friday during a waxing (new) moon.


Bathe, and then massage your whole body with diluted sweet pea oil.

1) Open the cord circle. Place the green candles in a horseshoe shape, with the open end facing north and you facing south in front of it.

2) Place the aromatherapy burner in the centre of the horseshoe shape and add seven drops of sweet pea oil. Lay the apple seeds in the centre also. Light the first candle to your left, saying:

Nogah, Nogah, light of love, I honour and illuminate your beauty and call upon you to help me today.

3) Light the next candle with the lit one, then put the first candle down. Continue this way until all the candles are lit. Now light the aromatherapy burner.

4) Take the gold pen and write down your wish on the paper as follows:

By the power of the four directions, above me and below me, within me and without, I call for favour with Anael, I call for friends of the same heart, that joy and celebration shall prevail.

5) Draw the seal of Venus. Pick up your wish and burn it in the flames of the last candle that you lit, visualizing as you do so that your wish is being carried to the skies.

6) Blow out the candles widdershins, saying on the last one “So mote it be“. Close your circle in the usual way. Take the apple seeds to a prepared site or pot and dedicate them:

Nogah, these apple seeds I plant to honour you and please you. And as they grow, so is my life blessed with joy of friendship new.