Harnessing The Power Of Moon

Harnessing The Moon

Moon rhythms…..

An appreciation of the rhythms and cycles of the moon can give you new insight into its influence on the world, yourself and those around you, and consequently enhance your understanding of their behaviour. But you can also use this knowledge in more positive ways, grasping the subtle power of the moon to bring benefits into many aspects of your life. The moon’s energy is powerful and mysterious, but is always there for you if you are able to tune into its gentle rhythms.

Since It has such a strong influence over the natural patterns of climate and growth you can exploit that strength in your own garden, by planting, sowing and harvesting during the most auspicious lunar phases. There are four phases to be considered. The moon is increasing in influence between the new and full phases (brightmoon) and decreasing in influence between the waning and dark phases (darkmoon).

For your rituals and ceremonies connected with the moon, remember that the moon, like the planets, has particular plants with which she is associated. Flowers of the moon include aquatic plants like water lilies, lotus and watercress, as well as jasmine and poppies. All flowers that are white or that blossom at night come under the regulation of the moon. Arrange a vase of moon flowers on the night of the full or new moon. The willow tree is known as the moon’s wishing tree: calling for favour by tying white, silver or light blue ribbons to her branches on lunar festival days can help to draw attention to a wish.

Another moon tree is sandalwood. Associated with protection, purification and healing, bark chippings are used in ceremonies requiring these qualities. It has a beautifully calming and a very soothing smell.

Using plants and flowers of special lunar significance will heighten your sense of connection with the moon. Lunar talismans, used with sensitivity to the moon’s cycles, can also help your perception to unfold. The tarot, which includes a depiction of the moon as the Wheel of Fortune, can act as a focus of attention, making a very powerful means of connecting with the intuitive forces of the moon.

Certain crystals have a sympathetic resonance with the cool, subtle energies of the moon. These crystals can help to align your vibrations to hers, so inducing lucid dreaming, clairvoyant awakening, deep and accurate perceptions and better emotional understanding.

All these things can put you in closer touch with the magical mystery of the moon, helping you to foster your intuitive wisdom and balance the rhythm of your life.