Hematite - Crystal Healing

Hematite – Crystal Healing

For those looking for a stone that’s going to help them ground themselves after they’ve spent a lot of time meditating, then Hematite is going to be what you want to acquire. This is undisputedly the most common stone for grounding that both stabilizes and protects those who work with it. It’s a strong stone tied to the Earth plane. It’s also touted as the stone that helps with remembering spiritual journeys the most. Because of this grounding nature of Hematite, most people associate it with root chakra work.

For those who wish to carry Hematite around with them on a daily basis, then you’ll want to be aware of the grounding effects of this stone. You will be more in tune with the world and have an overall sense of calmness. It’s going to help you with your logical side of your mind, think numbers and solutions. This sort of harmony will most likely help you boost your confidence and your intellect.

This is a powerful stone that will really help you keep energies from affecting you in your daily habits as well. If you’re going to be influenced by energy and want to keep an open mind that isn’t overly distracted or pulled by other crystals or energy, consider using Hematite.