Wiccan Herbal Remedies To Help Ease Backache

Herbal Remedies To Help Ease Backache

The cause must be diagnosed; it may be simple back strain, bad posture, kidney infection or disease, or uterine problems, to mention but a few.

Bad posture can be corrected by a practitioner who teaches the Alexander technique, an osteopath will correct a misaligned spinal column, and strained back muscles will respond to rest, warmth and massage.

Rub two or three times daily with a good herbal oil or liniment. A simple oil may be prepared by covering fresh, clean, dry St John’ s Wort herb with olive oil and heating it very gently (in a stainless steel pan) until the plant has lost its fresh green colour and is beginning to feel very slightly crisp. Filter the oil when cool. Oil which contains wintergreen will also be useful.

Many herbal practitioners have their own formulated rubbing oils; others are available from health food stores.

Taking Roberts’ Buchu Backache Compound, Heath & Heather’s backache tablets or similar remedies will speed up relief.