How To Do A Home Blessing Ritual

Home Blessing Ritual

How to bless your home……..

This blessing uses several techniques; colour candle magic, herb magic, crystals and sound. It is assumed that there will be more than one person to perform this ritual, although it can be done alone.


Hand bell (one for each member of the group is nice)

Salt water

Rosemary herb or oil

Light blue candles

Night lights and holders

Large quartz crystal

Several pieces of onyx or obsidian

Two pieces of rose quartz

Home blessing incense (below)


The group should assemble at the heart of the home, often considered to be the kitchen.

Remain quiet for a few moments, linking with the energy of the group for your common purpose.

Proceed through every room. Ring the bells as you go and sprinkle the salt water carefully in each room, not forgetting the corners.

Choose a route which means that you finish up back at the heart of the home.

Repeat the process, this time using the lit candles, sprinkling some rosemary in every room. You may like to leave a lit night light in a holder in each room. Make sure that it is left in a safe place.

Repeat a blessing, hymn or chant as you go appropriate to your belief. Perhaps something like:

Bless this home Gods above, Keep it safe and filled with love.

Return to the centre of the home and, sitting down with linked hands, form a circle. Use a chant that can reach a crescendo such as ‘Om’ or ‘Evohay’ or even perhaps the name of your favourite deity.

Feel the sound swelling until you can sense a circle of sound enclosing the home and grounds if you have them.
Process through the house a final time with your oil and stones. (The large crystal remains visible at the heart of the home, or an equally safe place, where it becomes a power source for the other stones.)

A piece of the dark crystal (onyx or obsidian) is placed in each room, though if you like you can choose a crystal appropriate for the occupancy of each room.

You should now draw a protective sign such as a pentagram or rune over each opening with the ritual oil. Remember to include all doors, windows, fireplaces, central heating vents etc. The rose quartz is placed either side of the main entrance. You may then wish to burn a house blessing incense, such as the one below, as a final gesture.

It would be appropriate to hold a house warming party at this point.

Note: You have not closed the circle. This is deliberate since you will wish to leave a circle of protection in place.