How To Make A Honeysuckle Healing Sachet

Honeysuckle Healing Sachet

Spell Description

This herbal healing sachet will help heal emotional, and physical pain.

Spell Ingredients

  • Red silk
  • Pink thread
  • Needle
  • Honeysuckle ( or rose quartz if you cannot get any honey suckle blossoms)
  • White candle
  • Lighter

Spell Method

  1. Using this sachet regularly will remove worries, physical pain, emotional pain, sickness etc..
  2. Cut out two, 3 inch by 3 inch (works best) red pieces of silk, it’s important they are the same size, lay them on top of each other and sew 3 corners of the silk together with pink thread ( so that if you folded the other corner in it would look like a triangle).
  3. Fill the sachet with honeysuckle blossoms ( if you can’t find/ get any honeysuckle rose quartz will do) but honeysuckle works best.
  4. Sew the other corner over (now triangle), to hold the honeysuckle / rose quartz inside the sachet. Set up a basic altar.
  5. Sit at your altar and hold the sachet in your left hand.
  6. Light a white candle and hold the sachet up in your closed fist to your head, near your eyes.
  7. Really feel the pain your going through now, let yourself feel the full power of the pain.. after one minute of that, imagine the pain escaping through your feet and going into the ground / if its physical pain ( sickness) visualise it going into the ground never to return.
  8. End the spell, blow the white candle out and carry the sachet on your persons where ever you go, and sleep with it under your pillow at night, until the pain has gone.
  9. You will feel the healing starting to take place soon.. the sachet can be re-used at your altar with the candle again and again.