How To Do A House Blessing Spell

House Blessing Spell

Spell to bless your home….

If you have moved in to a new home, as well as performing this spell you can also sweep each room with a birch broom. Work clockwise and sweep in to the centre, imaging unseen psychic matter being swept up as well. Gather the sweeping in a paper carrier bag and empty it in the garden or burn it outside.

You Will Need

♦ Natural sea salt

♦ Small bowl

♦ Rose geranium oil

♦ White candle

♦ Aromatherapy burner

♦ Spring water

♦ A few grains of organic rice

♦ 15 cm (6 in) square of golden fabric


This spell should only be performed on a Sunday, just before and through midday, during a waxing (new) moon. There should be no-one else in the house.

1) Bless and consecrate yourself, using the Angel Spell. Place the salt in the bowl. Starting in the top right-hand corner of the house, sprinkle a pinch of salt in the four corners of the room, and all corners of every window and door. Proceed clockwise around the house. As you sprinkle repeat:

I cleanse and purify this room of all unnecessary or negative vibrations.

2) Take the rose geranium oil and light the white candle. Again working clockwise around the house, place the candle in the centre of each room. Anoint all doors and windows with a little rose geranium oil as you say the following invocation:

I call upon the Angels of light and love to bless this home and all who enter here.

May love, happiness and harmony prevail.

3) Place the candle in the centre of your living room. Add six drops of rose geranium oil to the lit aromatherapy burner filled with spring water. Sit quietly, visualizing your home filled with the qualities that you desire.

4) Let the candle burn down almost ‘I completely. Anoint the candle with rose geranium oil and sprinkle with rice as thanks to the helpful energies, then fold it into the gold fabric. Place the parcel beneath your front door mat or as close to your door as possible saying:

This I place so that all who enter here will be blessed.

5) Leave the parcel undisturbed until the time when you next perform a blessing, when it can be replaced by a new parcel.