Advice: How To Be Initiated In To Witchcraft

How To Be Initiated Into Witchcraft

Initiation into Witchcraft…….

Why would someone want to be initiated into Witchcraft, or into a Pagan school of thought? You will know when, or if this is something you will want to do when the time comes. If your interest into the Occult is more than a passing phase, and you continue your studies of the Magical Arts, this is definitely a step you may want to consider.

The Initiation act itself serves as a mental and physical acknowledgement of your new religious path. It’s also a cleansing act, similar to a Christian Baptism. The initiation is a rebirth of your spiritual senses, and an awakening of your consciousness, and more specifically, a physical acknowledgement of accepting Wicca as your new path.


There are probably as many Initiation Rites and Ceremonies as there are trees in the world, and one is not necessarily better than another. But, if you are searching for a good Initiation Ceremony, and you don’t want to write your own, you should look for one that is particularly appropriate for you, with regard to your personal interests and beliefs.

Some rites and ceremonies can be as complex as a formal wedding, or as simple as a silent unspoken vow between you and the higher powers. Although I have been formally initiated into the Craft, I have also performed a self-initiation, which I believe is all one really needs in order to become initiated in the arts of Wicca, or any Magic for that matter. I would certainly recommend initiating yourself before becoming initiated into a Coven.

Simple Self Initiation Rite

1. Begin by lighting Frankincense incense. Let the incense burn for a few minutes while you prepare yourself a warm bath with no additives such as soap, salts, oils, herbs, etc.

2. Slip into the bath and let the water cleanse away all of your negativity, doubt, hostility, agitation, stress, or any negative feelings or thoughts. Concentrate on the water releasing and cleansing your body, spirit and mind of any obstacles which may interfere with your concentration during your Magic.

3. Once your thoughts are cleared, you should now consciously accept that you do have the ability to manipulate circumstances with your Magic.

4. Pray to the Higher beings (God & Goddess) to aid you in your Magic in return for your devotion and appreciation for assistance given.

5. Slip out of the bath and dry yourself off. Take the burning incense and let the smoke flow over your body and accept that your life is now on a new path. Thank the Higher Beings for their acceptance.

You should now get dressed, and grab an Occult book, and start learning as much as you can about Wicca, for you can never know too much.

Group (Coven) Initiations

If you do seek initiation into a Coven, you should examine your motives before doing so to make sure your actions will be beneficial. There are a few things one must consider before accepting an initiation into a group or coven. It is very important to find out everything you possibly can about the group or Coven before agreeing to add your name to the roster.

You should study many occult related books, and formulate your own thought pattern with reference to the way you feel about your new religion, and what it means to you.

The Coven you join should reflect your beliefs about Magic, and should not compromise your values.