How to Connect to the Divine

How to Connect to the Divine

Although the incantations and rituals I have provided you with are undeniably useful and good to know, that’s not completely what this is about. Wicca is not just about accomplishing your goals, but about connecting with yourself, through the divine energy that exists around us all.

I have some tips for connecting with the divine source of life, the god, and the goddess of the universe.

Start going outside a lot more. This is important, and ideally you will do this at the start of each day, no matter what the weather is. It doesn’t have to be the perfect temperature outside for you to gain an appreciation of nature.

We can learn from the winter, because it teaches us that although things die and go into hibernation, they are always reborn. It can be seen as a period of rest, a time to learn, a time to work on ourselves, a time to shed all of our unnecessary and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

We can learn from the spring, which teaches us that a season for blooming is always around the corner, however dark and cold winter may make things seem. Trees sprouting leaves and blossoms can be likened to the human spirit flowering when cared for with focused attention. Practising Witchcraft is one way of allowing this inner soul to flourish and bloom.

From the summer, we learn to take it easy, to enjoy what’s around, to bask in the greenness of nature and to celebrate our gifts, both physical and spiritual. As the summer draws to a close, we learn to say goodbye to vacation and rest, to usher in times of inner work and intention building.

Fall teaches us that all good things must come to an end, and that life is not forever. We can learn to let go of our attachment to specific things, and get into the flow of life, by watching the leaves fall to the ground. Autumn is a time of death, but what a beautiful death it is! Things ending does not have to be a tragic occasion. Learn to see the beauty in nature letting go of all it has accumulated, and allow your connection with the divine to flourish as a result of witnessing these miracles.

Some people who practice Wicca find it very valuable and worthwhile to establish a meditation practice. I recommend highly that if you begin meditating, you do it outdoors, since the entire point of this path is to focus on and learn from nature’s inherent lessons.

As you create the reality you desire with the spells I listed in the chapter before this, and you begin to notice the natural world around you, I guarantee you will begin to feel a peace you never knew before. Embrace the Wicca way of life, and become your best self!