Learn How to Follow the Wiccan Rede Online

How to Follow the Wiccan Rede

Follow Wiccan Rede and Threefold Law…..

Wicca or as Gerald Gardner used to call it, is the craft of the wise. Wisdom or being wise in everyday life is characteristic of modern Wicca practitioners. In that sense comes the Wiccan Rede or creed,

If You Harm None, Do What You Will.

In other words, as long as you don’t inflict physical or mental damage to other, you are free to do what you will. The Wiccans are very conscious of this responsibility, and they follow the Rede in every situation. Also, Wiccans use this central law not only to make no harm to other, but also to actively do well for a fellow man as to each other.

Besides of Rede, Wiccans believe in Threefold Law or the Law of the Return, which states that whatever energy we put in the universe it will come back to us in a threefold manner. So if you do well it will come back threefold better, but if you do badly it will also come threefold worse for yourself.

Universe acts in a form of deterministic chaos, and things you do today to others will come around tomorrow increased three times for yourself. These two laws are the most important ethical principles that Wiccans follow.

However, the word Rede means advice or counsel, so think more about these laws as voluntary or natural actions and less as strict laws of some god or authority.

To do:

Find out more about Wiccan Rede (online or in other Wiccan books), threefold law and practice it in everyday situations. Use these laws not only to do better to yourself, friends or family but also to people you don’t like or even hate.

If something you want to do feels right and by doing this you don’t inflict any harm on other, be free to follow that path of yours. In simple words listen to the music you like, dress as you will or even dance naked in the moonlight, as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

It is not up to you to change ways of nature. If someone did harm to you, don’t act in revenge or anger. The universe has it flows of energy; maybe that what’s happening is part of the ordeal that will make you stronger and wiser person in the future.

Also, use common sense in every problem and every situation. Becoming Wicca is all about being wiser and taking responsibility for your actions.