Explaining How to Harness Elemental Magic For Spells

How to Harness Elemental Magic

Earth, Air, Fire, Water Magic….

It’s common knowledge even in our scientific and still very much Christian age that there are four elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Since the time of Aristotle, and even longer before him, these four elements have been explored, used in Alchemy and magical systems all over the world.

According to many philosophers and magicians, these four elements (plus Spirit in some cases) make up the whole world. All things, all beings, are made up of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Though the average person could tell you this much, it takes someone who has studied and worked with these elements to tell you how to use them. Would you be able to guess that with Fire comes rebirth and that Air can directly effect your test scores?

Chances are, you have a deep affinity for one or more of these elements but at least one confuses you. That’s normal. Some people will be drawn more to the Earth, whereas others will be drawn more to the sea. For balance in your life and your magic, it is beneficial to explore all of these elements.

I am much more attuned to the element of Fire, thanks to a very fire-heavy astrological chart for every female member of my family. It never occurred to me that I might want to work with the other elements until relatively late in my magical explorations.

This is why I think it’s handy and almost necessary to have a list compiled that will tell you every elemental association known. It’s also helpful to have a list of elemental spells that can be used in a pinch when I don’t have time to make my own.

Of course, making your own spells should always be preferred. What you make will be much truer to your own soul and mind than anything I could write here. Always try to work with the elements yourself first, to gain a better understanding of them.

If you need a quick start, I will be sharing plenty of items and ideas that can be brought together to make your own spells very soon. Don’t be afraid to try them!