Learn How to Interpret Runes Online

How to Interpret Runes

To become adept at interpreting the runes it is important to train your intuition, the connection to your higher self. This is part of you knows your purpose in life and how it can best be achieved. It also knows the purpose of everyone you meet and how best you can guide those people who seek your help. Training the intuition allows you to access to knowledge and the runes can act as catalysts in the process.

Training the intuition with Meditation

Meditation is a most efficient way of training the intuition because to hear the guiding voice of your higher self, you must have a mind that is in a receptive state to receive those messages.Whenever you pick out a rune to interpret, it is important to meditate with that rune to access your intuition. The following exercise shows you how to do this.

Settle yourself in a place where you feel relaxed; this may be outside if the weather is good, in a place where you feel comfortable and close to nature. If you are planning to consult the runes indoors, sit in a dimly lit room. Make sure that you will not be disturbed by telephones or people.You may wish to light a candle to help you to focus your mind.

Sit down in a comfortable position, hold your rune bag in your hands and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself and imagine every muscle in your body relaxing. Now you need to empty your mind of all thoughts and to quieten its chatter. Continue to breath steadily and try to focus on your breathing, or picture yourself beside a beautiful lake on a calm, still day. Every time a thought pops into your mind, calmly allow it to leave and refocus upon your breathing or upon the image of the tranquil lake.

Meditating on a Rune

When you feel ready, without opening your eyes, pick a single rune out of the rune bag and hold it in your hand. Keeping your eyes closed, try to tune into its vibration while asking the rune to speak to you. Allow your mind to become open so that different images and thoughts are free to enter it, Remain like this for as long as it feels comfortable. When you feel ready, thank the rune for speaking to you and then open your eyes and look at the rune. Make a note of all the images and messages that came into your mind during your meditation.

Now look up the meaning of the rune and see how this relates to what you felt during your meditation. Note the differences and similarities between the images that you felt during your meditation and the images and lessons given on site. Now meditate again, asking the rune to show you how all these different images fit together, then note down all your thoughts and impressions.

As you become more experienced at working with the runes, you will be able to review exercises such as the one above and any points that seemed unclear will become clearer as you gain more understanding. The trick is to be patient. The runes reveal different aspects of themselves only when they know you are ready to learn them.

Interpretation of Reversed Runes

Some of the runes reveal a different sign when you view them upside down. These are called reverse runes. If, when you first turn over a rune, you find that you are looking at it upside down, it has a separate meaning to when it is the correct way up. Many people used to regard reversed meanings as negative. For instance, the first rune — Feoh — has an image of wealth and richness, so it was common to regard Feoh reversed as having an image of poverty, This is incorrect.

Each rune has its own lessons to teach. An upright rune has an image that teaches us something. If the rune is reversed, it means that the lessons of the upright rune are what we are lacking and therefore what we need to strive for. Therefore, the image of Feoh reversed does not mean “poverty”, but “discovering richness”.

The difference is subtle but very important. The reversed meanings do not show us problems, but solutions to problems. One should always look at every rune in terms of what it has to teach, rather than looking at the negative aspects of the rune.