make a money magic charm

How to Make a Magical Charm for Attracting Money

Do you need to improve your financial abundance? Allow me to supply you with a way to invite it into your life. Try this magical charm. To make it, you will need to have:

-Five small pine branches, about equal in size
-Ribbon in green and silver color
-Essential oil, use either patchouli or sandalwood
-Some money, using a 20 or 50 bill is recommended

Get your branches and place them on a table, atop your money. Allow them to sit this way for at least seven days before continuing with the rest of these instructions.

Rub some of your essential oil onto each pine branch, as you repeat these words:

Wealth at the door,
I could use some more

Wrap your pine branches with your silver and green ribbons, to create a small bundle. Don’t use all of the ribbon, but rather have some left for creating a way to hang this charm. Put this charm up in the main entrance door frame to your house or apartment, either by hanging it on the door knob or using a nail. It can be on either side of the door, but it’s important that it is the front door of the place.

Leave this bundle where it is until some more wealth appears in your life. Once some money has made its appearance, you’ll need to remove it. In the future, if you find yourself in need of more money, you have to make another charm. It’s important to wait a minimum of seven days before repeating this spell.