Candle revealing spell

How To Perform A Candle Revealing Spell

Candle revealing spell

The way a candle burns can tell you a lot about your fears and it can also give you a precise answer. The flame of a candle is able to reveal many secrets regarding your sentimental, professional and physical life. In order to obtain the answer that you need, you have to take the following steps.

Think about the question you want to ask and pick a candle accordingly. You now know which candle colour can be used for your concern, so this aspect shouldn’t be a problem. Next, you should place the chosen candle between a glass of water and a pile of incense. You can use your altar for this ritual.

You should focus on your question for a few minutes and carefully observe the candle’s flame. Below you will find all the ways you can interpret it. If you get a positive answer, you should let the candle burn completely. If not, you have to extinguish the flame and dispose of the candle in a river.

Identifying the nature of your response:

A normal and stable candle flame means harmony, happiness, peace and tranquillity. Think of your question and adapt your answer. This type of flame could mean happiness in love or in your family, depending on your concern.

A small and unstable candle flame is a negative response regarding amorous aspects, uncertainties, debts and friends. If the flame goes out, light it again until you are sure you got an answer.

A candle flame that trickles is a sign of failure. Your relationship might fail or an attempt to do something that is important to you. Again, if you ask a question about your professional life, a trickling flame means failure.

A candle flame that looks like it is growing taller is good. It means joy and happiness especially regarding serious commitments. It announces a favourable time for making important decisions regarding the question you asked.

A candle flame that flickers highlights an aggressive response, a possible dispute and health problems if that is the case.

A candle flame with a blue hue should be encouraging. You will most probably achieve your goals while counting on the help of others.

A candle flame with a red hue is meant to warn you over emotional conflicts of all kinds.