Learn How To Use Wiccan Protection Symbols Online

How To Use Wiccan Protection Symbols?

The most effective Wiccan protection symbols are the pentagram, the triple moon Goddess symbol, the Ankh, the maze like Hecate symbol, the Eye of the Horus, The Ohm symbol, variations of the Cross, and the triskele are the most used of protection symbols.

There are many ways to use these symbols:

1. You may paste them on cars or other vehicles to protect you from road accidents.

2. You may decorate your house with such symbols so that negativity and danger stays away from it and your family stays safe at all times.

3. You can draw or paint any of these symbols near the doors to protect your house from evil energies.

4. Some people like to grow plants of trees in the form of religious symbols to allow positive energies to surround their house or place of business.

5. Fisherfolk use protections symbols on their boats to keep them safe from storms and other accidents at sea

6. When passengers board a plane flight, we can imagine a sacred symbol as we get into the plane and even draw an imaginary symbol inside the plane with a prayer or chant to keep everyone in the plane safe and to arrive at the destination on time.

7. When hurricanes threaten the land, people may draw these symbols over their roofs with chalk or large markers for safety from the fury of nature.

8. When we travel by car, we can have a dashboard ornament that has one of our protection symbols on it.

9. Farmers used to paint the protection symbols on their barns or other buildings to keep their animals and grain safe from predators and other danger.

10. A pregnant mother can make her favorite protection symbol across her tummy to keep the unborn safe and secure.

11. We can wear jewelry adorned with any of the protection symbols to keep us safe at all times.

12. We can carve these symbols on our trees or walls or ground to keep our yards, gardens or buildings safe from predators.

13. Before attempting any exam or preparing an important document, we can draw an imaginary symbol over it to cleanse and energize the document or exam paper.

14. We can stitch these symbols into our clothes and jackets so that we will be protected from calamities while we wear them.

15. We can wear these symbols as bracelets or anklets or carry them in our purse or wallet for further protection.

16. To protect our young ones from the evil eye, we can draw imaginary protection symbols around their heads while they leave for school or extra curricular activities.

17. You may mark your wedding ring or other precious jewelry with protection symbols.

18. Protection symbols may be carved on candles to aid in rituals

19. They are may also be drawn or cut out on paper to aid in spell working

20. Decorate your books, journals, jewelry box, Magick tools and other items with sacred symbols for added energy and power.