Howlite - Crystal Healing

Howlite – Crystal Healing

When it comes to howlite, it is mostly associated with the third eye chakra and is pretty much held there with much respect. Of course, you’re welcome to experiment with other chakra work, but most results are found with the third eye. The reason may be different from person to person, but the consensus is that howlite is a calming stone, regardless of the color that it is found in, which is rare. Most stones vary in effectiveness based on their color, but not howlite.

For those looking to work howlite into their meditation, it’s a very simple stone to incorporate, but it is dominant on exploration of the spiritual realm. This is due to the stone’s incredible calming effects that decrease fears, worries, anxieties, and selfishness. This of course, helps those working with this stone to find worries and truths that might be hidden very deep inside of them. This is where we start talking about past life work. Howlite is a very popular stone for those looking to explore and find answers to their past lives.

For those that carry howlite with them in their travels, they can often express a calming sensation that really focuses on their worries and anxieties, which transfers you energies into something more effective, such as communication. So expect heightened ability in communication and with the calmness that comes from howlite, you might even start to experience a rush of creativity, flowing from past lives.