Read Online Information About Wiccan Candle Colors

Information About Wiccan Candle Colors

The black candle

This type of candle is useful for protection and for making sure nothing stands in your way. You can bind negative forces with it and absorb them. It is capable of concealing confusion and chaos because you can acquire hidden knowledge when you’re using it. Great to work with when you’re focusing on new beginnings, the black candle is considered the strongest in magick. This is because when you combine all known colors, the result is black.

You can light the black candle when you want to protect yourself from negative energies and remove mishaps, troubles and any negative effects of your failures. Also, this type of candle brings success in intellectual matters. If you need help with an exam, then you should use a black candle.

The best day to perform black candle magick is Saturday.

Helpful crystals are: black onyx, black obsidian, obsidian flake and black tourmaline.

The brown candle

The color brown is not used very often in Wicca. Even if it is known to be very effective when trying to communicate with nature spirits, Wiccans have other ways that connect them with nature spirits. Among its virtues are neutrality, practical sense and firmness. Most practitioners who use brown candles do magick outdoors. This is because brown energy can only be absorbed from the Earth through our soles.

The green candle

This type of candle is used in matters of health, communication, love and marriage, balance, friendships and money. When it comes to health, the green candle can be used for healing spells because it is considered anti-inflammatory. Even if green is often associated with money, this color has numerous effects on love matters as well. For example, green has nothing to do with passion or sex, but has a lot to do with affection and harmony.

A very useful factor for personal development, the green candle is a symbol of justice, possessions, riches and indulgence. New beginnings are favored by this color, as well as beauty and youth. Marriage, agriculture, planting, teaching, knowledge, expanding horizons and being ambitions are all favored by the green candle.

The best days to perform green candle magick are Friday and Wednesday.

Helpful crystals are: aventurine, jade, malachite, peridot, crisopraz, emerald and heliotrope.

The blue candle

This type of candle is magnificent when it comes to spells related to spirituality and meditation. In addition, one’s sincerity and obtaining the truth from someone can easily be achieved with the help of a blue candle. Truth comes with inner peace and wisdom, so you can count these two attributes to the power of this colored candle.

Blue is a peaceful color that often brings serenity. In Wicca, it also enhances the occult power of a witch and it protects him or her on the way to fulfilment. A catalyst in family matters, the blue candle can establish harmony and provide a sort of protection as well.

The best days to perform blue candle magick are Monday and Thursday.

Helpful crystals are: lapis lazuli, aquamarine, sapphire, topaz, sodalite, azure, turquoise, tanzanite, aquamarine, sapphire, hematite, coral and crisocola.

The purple candle

This type of candle is for fulfilling your wishes, for gaining wisdom and recognition. It can help you in business progress and social evolution. It is great when it comes to rewards, power, divine protection and independent traveling. If you are advanced enough, you can perform healing sessions and banish bad luck with it.

Others uses of the purple candle are better thinking and rationalizing. You can also succeed in influencing powerful people. There are multiple types of magick you can do with such a candle, but your purpose should stay positive and very clear.

The best day to perform purple candle magick is Thursday.

Helpful crystals are: amethyst, sapphire, lapis, opal and pebble.

The red candle

This type of candle can successfully be used for protection, passion, love, sex, stimulation, revitalization, sex appeal and for maintaining love. It works great for morale and has a positive influence on your will power. Besides being used for the matters of the heart, it can work in your favor with business expansion, affirmation and material accumulation.

Red is a color that symbolizes strength and physical abilities. Let’s say that you participate in an athletic competition. During the Tuesday prior to the competition, you can light a red candle and concentrate on your purpose. Put your desire in words and leave the candle burning after you’re done chanting.

The best day to perform red candle magick is Tuesday.

Helpful crystals are: ruby, red jasper, Eye of the Tiger, red tourmaline, rubel and diamond.

The pink candle

Pink is the candle color recommended for starting new relationships, love and affection. It may have an energizing effect and a good influence on friendships, family and emotional healing. Maintain balance in your love life by periodically lighting a pink candle and focusing on your relationship.

The best day to perform pink candle magick is Friday.

Helpful crystals are: rose quartz, pink jasper, kunz, pink spinel, emerald, peridot, aventurine, pink tourmaline and sugilit.

The orange candle

Orange is the color of the Sun. This means that you should perform spells with orange candles during the day, when the Sun is at its peak. It is of the most help for sexual magick, attraction and stimulation, but also for justice matters, adaptability and major changes. Light the orange candles whenever you are in need of balance, prosperity, energy, luck, success, encouragement, optimism and fun.

The best days to perform orange candle magick are Sunday and Wednesday.

Helpful crystals are: carnelian, the Sun Stone, orange calcite and quartz.

The yellow candle

This type of candle should be used for mental clarity, concentration, learning, success in exams at school, work, success at work, communication, travel, good relationships, optimism, creativity, imagination, persuasion, gaining the trust of others, attracting and retaining love, sentimental success, children and for good relationships with children.

You can use the yellow energy in your favor when you feel that your logical and rational sides are clouded. Or, you can use it for the same purpose when someone else’s way of thinking doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

Together with a blue candle and a purple candle, the yellow candle is efficient for astral projections. Doing this is mainly achieved through meditation in Wicca, but you can try to boost your skills by absorbing all the help you can get.

The best days to perform yellow candle magick are Sunday and Wednesday.

Helpful crystals are: amber, citrine, pyrite, beryl, carnelian, Eye of the Tiger, and yellow topaz.

The golden candle

The golden candle is energy giving and helpful with healing. Fame, success and other achievements can be sustained by a simple spell with a golden candle. Known to enhance luck, charm and persuasion, this color should not be excluded from your rituals.

The best day to perform golden candle magick is Saturday.

Helpful crystals are: amber, yellow topaz, citrine, pebble, heliodor, Eye of the Tiger and pyrite.

The white candle

It goes without saying that the white candle can only be used for good. Since it symbolizes purity, it is especially effective with matters that involve children, mothers, families, child birth and purification. Besides all these aspects, it responds to requests regarding health, achievements and fertility.

When a dear one or you are about to go on a trip, you can ask for protection. If you pay close attention, some colors are good for the same purpose. So, in order to amplify the power of your spell, you can combine two or more different colored candles.

The best day to perform white candle magick is Monday.

Helpful crystals are: chalcedony, onyx, white opal, aquamarine, rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone.

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