Introduction to crystal healing and stones

Introduction To Crystal Healing

What You Should Know About Crystal Healing……

The art of using crystals is nothing new. It’s a practice that has been passed down for centuries by those who have used crystals as healing and harnessed the powers of crystals to influence the actions and energy of their days. Many scoff at the idea of using crystals to manipulate your aura, mental energy, and the presence of your day, but there is a community of thousands who actively participate in the practice and if you’re here to join them, then welcome.

Up front, you should know that by simply holding a crystal, you tapping into primordial powers that have existed for millions of years and that for epochs after you’ve gone, that crystal will endure. The history and the knowledge of that crystal in your hand is passing through you, influencing you, and helping you regardless of whether you’re aware of it or not. Think of the science behind geology and the formation of crystals. It’s an incredible and powerful process that you’re now tapping into.

Secondly, crystals are harnesser’s of light. Notice the sparkle and the light in all crystals, absorbed by the son and reflecting it. Not only are you holding the power of the earth, but you’re also holding the power of the heavens in your hand. I’m telling you this so that you’ll have the proper respect and reverence whatever crystal you come to possess and find yourself drawn to.

Thirdly, every crystal has different, unique properties that will affect your mind, spirit, and day differently. So by picking up random crystals, you can influence your life differently. The deeper you pursue chakra work; you’ll find different uses and applications for each crystal. So educating yourself is vital before you begin this journey, so well done on consulting this article.

Fourthly, crystals are activated most heavily through meditation and spiritual work, especially through activating your chakras. Of course, volumes can be written on the subject of meditation and chakra work, which may happen later, but right now, I’m just addressing each crystal and their purposes for health. But note that many select a crystal to carry with them through the day to help strengthen and influence the aspect of the crystal that they feel they may need help with.

Finally, crystals come in two forms smooth and raw. Most people acquire smooth crystals to carry with them or to utilize with their meditational practices so that they can harness light and utilize it. However, those looking to use crystals for healing might be more interested in the raw form because these are the stones where crystals have the most power and energy in their primordial form. Also, smooth, polished crystals are often used in rune casting, but more about that at another time.

So without further adieu, over the next few weeks we will share a comprehensive list of the qualities of the crystals that you can work with to help influence your day or enhance your meditation practices.

Remember that each of these descriptions even when brief, giving you the qualities and the strengths of each crystal so that you can get to work immediately.