Witchcraft & Essential Oils

Introduction: Witchcraft & Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the most important (and also most overlooked) aspects of modern witchcraft. These oils have been crafted for hundreds or thousands of years, but their components are largely similar as their ancient counterparts. This means that using true essential oils in your spells is not only helpful – it’s necessary. Altering the original recipes in the wrong way can have devastating effects on your craft, and may even compromise the final results.

There is such a wide variety of oils and other spell-casting products on the market, it can be difficult to determine which is the right choice for your needs – as well as how to properly utilize its power.

Each ceremony or ritual will have its own method of action, and this method will depend on your experience level, your materials used, and your dedication.

Some of these rituals are symbolic, and do not hold any power in themselves, but refer to a time in our lives when we have grown power on our own.

More often than not, the rituals will call for specific items and tools – whether they are oils, or candles, or herbs – and it’s important that you select the right materials for the job. Just as you wouldn’t build a house out of butter, you shouldn’t perform an incantation with the wrong materials, either.

Whether your ritual is specifically magic in nature or not, each separate tool has its own symbolism that can either enhance your result or turn the whole thing into a disaster. Spiritual oils are often considered the hidden fifth element that helps us reach out into the unknown and call upon the forces within us – whether we wish to communicate or produce a specific result.