Jade - Crystal Healing

Jade – Crystal Healing

Jade is a mystical and powerful stone that will be very familiar to anyone who is looking to work on their heart chakra. It is known for being able to draw and brighten all heart related issues that come to a person, whether it is love or loss. Those looking to do extensive heart chakra work might be interested in giving jade a try, thought it is fairly uncommon among those working with the heart chakra.

However, its popularity is on the rise.

Those who are looking to work with love or to solve issues involving dreams, you may want to consider meditating and working with jade. If you’re looking a strong stone that will help you solve the riddles of what you might have been troubled with in your sleep, use jade. Its powers link it to the spiritual realm and will help you discern the information that the Divine or your higher self is looking to impart subtly to you. It’s a way to predict coming storms. As for those seeking questions of the heart, jade will help you find the answers you seek.

For those looking to carry jade, it is a stone that will help you with your heart and the matters of love in your life, romantic or filial. For those looking to draw trust to them and loyalty, jade will help you. If you’re looking to spend time with those you love and truly care about, you may want to consider putting jade in your pockets or wearing a piece of jade jewelry.