Jasper - Crystal Healing

Jasper – Crystal Healing

Jasper is often called the nurturing stone and this quality is what keeps it in many meditative households. It is a stone that keeps the one with it calm, relaxed, and safe. For those looking to maximize the benefits of this crystal with their chakra work, consider utilizing it around the navel and heart chakra. It’s a powerful grounding stone and it is very good at cleansing auras.

Because it is so good at cleansing auras, jasper is often used at the beginning of meditational times and is great for grounding you after meditation. For the actual meditation experience, Jasper has a slow, steady vibration that will help you with finding that stability and comfort that you need when facing very large problems. Jasper is there to protect you and to guide you safely through the scarier moments in your life, so embrace the use of it. Also, jasper is known to have a very strong tie to beauty, which means that it is drawn to jasper. You meditation experience might not take you through the scarier moments in your life right now, but rather the beautiful. That’s okay; it’s all part of the experience to find out what you need to learn.

Carrying jasper is a smart move and it is great at helping you deal with troublesome situations that may arise. But more importantly, use jasper intentionally. Since it is grounding, you’ll have a calming sensation that is best targeted at those truly scary days. Again, remember the element of beauty that is drawn to jasper. You might find yourself surrounded by awe-inspiring sights and truly beautiful people.