Labradorite - Crystal Healing

Labradorite – Crystal Healing

Labradorite is very well known as a magic stone, a stone that is used to harness and give rise to the magical abilities of the wearer. If you’re looking to use this for chakra work, then you might find that it’s a bit of a wildcard. That’s because this stone is not an ordinary stone that is given to singular vibrations or attunements. This is a stone for action and can be used to heighten your awareness of you chakra work, but those who do work with labradorite claim that it is most powerful at the crown and throat.

As for meditation, labradorite has an extensive amount of use from clairvoyance to the psychic powers that you might be trying to unlock or master. This is also a great stone for dream manipulation, understanding, and translation for you.

Again, this is a stone that is greatly akin to those who use magic or attempt to enlighten themselves to the magical arts. This is a strong stone and should not be played with lightly. If you’re finding that your meditation with labradorite is not yielding much fruit, perhaps you should seek help with how you’re attempting to conduct it.

For those looking to carry around labradorite with them on their various journeys, you’ll find that it’s mostly used in the transferring of energy and using energy to translate the magical arts. Such as, if you wear labradorite in a headband or in earrings, you’ll find yourself being more clairvoyant, being able to anticipate what’s about to happen. On a ring or in a bracelet, you’ll find energy flowing more easily through your hands, especially if you’re healing. It’s a powerful stone and should not be played with lightly.