Lapis Lazuli - Crystal Healing

Lapis Lazuli – Crystal Healing

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone that is very close to those who like to work with their chakras to develop themselves spiritually. As with all stones that are blue, there is a strong bond to the throat chakra with lapis lazuli, but it’s not limited to the throat. There are strong ties to the third eye and the fifth chakras as well. This is a versatile stone and will help you utilize it in multiple ways to get a lot of chakra work done with a single stone.

For those that like to use lapis lazuli in their meditation, you will find that lapis lazuli has a rich and powerful history in the world and that’s for a reason. Kings, Pharaohs, and Emperors have all been drawn to lapis lazuli for its draw toward leadership, alignment, truth, wisdom, and growth. In your meditation, notice that you will find yourself developing with lapis lazuli. It is an active stone seeking to make changes and to develop your leadership, your courage, and your overall harmony. This is a stone that you want to utilize if you feel that you are in need of work and progress in your personal development.

Carrying lapis lazuli with you in your day to day interactions will bring you to the alignment of truth and wisdom, giving you an extra push in all things that surround leadership. If you are looking to make intellectual pursuits, then you will want the guidance and wisdom that is offered with lapis lazuli to help you on your path. This is a very powerful and versatile stone that I would suggest everyone who is getting into crystals to acquire. There’s just so much that you can do with it.