How To Learn Chakra Healing Techniques

Learn Chakra Healing Techniques

Most of the energy healing techniques that I use involve listening to a lot of music. I think that if you combine music with the chakra exercises you will become extremely successful in your quest for a more balanced life. I strongly believe that music is extremely important and if you want to be efficient with your exercises you must learn more about chakra music.

The purpose of an energy healing technique is to offer you spiritual healing. Spiritual healing will offer you the necessary peace of mind that you need in order to obtain physical healing. Keep in mind that these techniques require a lot of practice and you need to practice them for a lengthy period of time in order to form a habit out of them.

My favorite chakra technique involves the use of the muladhara. The function of the base chakra is to make you feel as if you belong to the world and in order to exercise your base chakra you will need to understand that you have to take care of all your physical needs.

The root chakra has a lot to do with the comfort of the body and the connection with the earth. You need to place your feet on the floor and feel the power of the earth. You need to take a deep breath of fresh air and let the air out.

Another one of my favorite exercises is really simple and it reminds me of the old exercises that I used to do at the gym. In order to do this exercise you need to take your feet and pound them on the floor just so that you can make that connection with the earth. You need to feel that connection in the lower part of your legs. It is as if that energy was going through your feet and down to the earth and it if is as if that energy was connecting you to the earth.

I will continue my series of chakra techniques with the throat chakra. This is because I believe that the throat chakra is very important as this chakra is situated in the center of your throat and when this chakra is readily balanced you can easily speak what is true for you.

This chakra will help you to comfortably express what is true for you and this will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle and many people will begin to appreciate you more because of this positive change. This is because people tend to admire and respect people who are honest.

In order to exercise this chakra you need to take a deep breath of air and let the air out with a smile. It is important to smile when you let the air out of your lungs as this will release a wave of positive energy that will enlighten your spiritual and physical mood.

This action will release a powerful burst of energy and you should definitely try to do this as it will help you to feel better in an instant. You need to let yourself to relax because you hold the blueprint that you need in order to speak the truth.

When the energy is open it is something that is really easy to do. When you close your energy it will be hard to do this technique. This is why you need to open your mind and relax while you take a really deep breath of fresh air.

You will need to start talking to yourself and you need to begin to understand that your body needs to relax in order to practice this technique. Start by talking to yourself and try to convince yourself that only if you maintain a positive spirit you can properly practice this exercise.

The power of speaking affirmations with your self will help you to discover your real identity. You will learn more about whom you are and this will help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that the best way to practice this chakra is through positive affirmations about you.

My last exercise is for the crown chakra. In order to practice some techniques for this chakra you will need to stop having a critical attitude towards religion and God. You will need to understand that the Universe was created by someone and you need to think of yourself as being an integral part of the Universe.

I still remember that before I have even discovered chakras I was interested in spirituality and I have always thanked God for everything that he has offered me. I always had a positive attitude about life and religion and this has helped me quite a lot because I was able to fulfill my dreams.

The best way to exercise this chakra is through positive affirmations about divinity. You need to feel as if you can connect yourself with the most important divine entity from the Universe. You need to say positive things like: ‘God loves me and He will help me during the times of hardship’ or ‘there will always be a God that will help me when I will encounter a lot of problems’.

You will have to say these positive affirmations while you keep your left hand above of your head and while you gently move it across of your head in a vertical manner. This will help you to send the message where you will want to send it and it will also create a wave of positive energy that will undoubtedly help you to overcome anxiety.

I hope that you have enjoyed these exercises and I am sure that they will help you to lead a healthier life. If you combine this chakra exercises with some music that is specifically designed for chakras your chances of success may increase in an exponential manner.