Learning about Wiccan Magick

Learning about Wiccan Magick

Wiccan Magick……

In Wicca and other occult traditions, magic is spelled with “k” to distinguish it from trick performances. Magick is the creative force of the universe, to understand it means to understand yourself as a microcosm and how you relate to the world or macrocosm. In understanding that relation lays the key to making things happen through Magick. Magick is real and it is part of every person and with it you can change the world; make your dreams come true and most important transform yourself to a better person.

There is no black or white Magick per se; it is all about either you are doing it for a god or bad cause. Remember the Threefold Law if you are doing good it will come back to you tree times better, but if you are doing bad for someone it will come back three times worsen to yourself in real life and especially when you do Magick.

Wiccans use Magick spells and rituals usually performed from the Book of Shadows. Spells can be various incantations, invocations or evocations of god or entity, various visualizations, use of candles, altar, magickal weapons etc. Book of Shadows is a book where Wiccans write and perform their spells, although Book of shadows is much more than classic spell grimoire.

To do:

Before you begin to practice Magick it is important to prepare your mindset for this type of work. The best spells and rituals are performed when you are in the “zone” this zone is state of mind best described as a state when you are between sleep and awake (not sleepy or tired, more like daydreaming state of mind).

To become more familiar with this “zone” try to practice some sort of meditation, try some simple breathing meditations or some yoga meditations.

Read more about spells and rituals that other Wiccans do, also, find out more about rituals and spells in other occult traditions. Don’t try to use magick and spells to change the world around you or others, you need magick to transform you into a better person.

Read more about Spells and how to cast them, Magickal rituals and how they work, meditation techniques and how to prepare yourself for magickal work. Don’t cast or try to cast any spell before you have sufficient knowledge of the craft.