Article: List of main symbols used in Wicca

List of main symbols used in Wicca

The pentagram

The four Aristotelian elements are elevated to the rank of mystery and the pentagram is introduced to represent them, together with the fifth, the spirit. In the modern history of the pentagram, Wicca plays an important role since it was taken directly from the French literature and later from the English literature, which was vastly influenced by the Order of the Golden Dawn. This is certain because the order of the four elements assigned to the four lower corners is the same, but also is the pentagram ritual.

Another concept associated with the pentagram is the Quintuple Kiss. The five points of the pentagram touch the circle. For example, in case of a mutual dedication ritual, during a ceremony officiated by a priest and a priestess, each pair in turn kisses the feet, knees, belly, chest and lips of the other, each zone having its specific attributes and distinct meanings.

The craft of this ritual or of rituals in general can be learned from other experienced Wiccans. Usually the coven or a single practitioner prepares and purifies the Magic Circle containing the pentagram. The preparation of the Magic Circle commonly involves the invocation of the guards of the cardinal points, which each correspond to the five elements about which we walked about earlier.

Once the Magic Circle is ready, you can proceed to perform a ritual according to the season, addressing prayers to the Goddess and the God or magick.

The pentacle

The pentacle is also used by Wiccans, mostly as a sacred object. There is a common confusion between the pentacle and pentagram, so read further to learn the difference between them.

The pentacle represents any drawn image or construction that has utilitarian or decorative purposes, while the pentagram is made with another specific purpose. A pentacle can disguise a pentagram in case of Wiccans who want to wear one, but not display their belief.

The triple moon

Since Wiccans are so connected with nature, the triple moon represents the moon’s stages. It also symbolizes the stages a woman goes through, namely mother, maiden and crone.

The horn moon

The horn moon is the symbol for the God. It looks like a moon with horns, just as its name suggests. There is also another representation of the masculine part of the Whole that looks like a goat, which is basically a modified horn moon.

The wheel of the year

This symbol looks like a wheel, a circle with 8 equally divided parts. This is obviously meant to mark the Sabbaths. These symbols are generally used by all Wicca practitioners. However, there are others who use various signs meant to represent their specific purposes or intentions.